Arnhem 2017: hear from the Vice-president

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Arnhem 2017: hear from the Vice-president

At first I would like, on behalf of the 7 delegates and 2 CPs assembling the Italian delegation, to thank the organisers of Arnhem/Maastricht International Session for the great stay we had in The Netherlands and for all the activities that were planned during our enjoyable experience.

Italian delegates made an excellent work during committee meetings, proving of being very well prepared and interested in the topics. Having actively joined the discussions and having provided, with their participation, a valuable asset for their committees, they received very good evaluations from their CPs. Eventually, also the GA was a wonderful experience for our delegates, who actively took part in the debate suggesting several topics to their colleagues and proving their keenness in defending their resolutions when objected by the assembly.

Moreover, during the session, we were given the honour and the pleasure to meet Mr. Benifei, Italian MEP in Brussels. We spent a very edifying and enlightening day with him, talking about the possibilities for the EU of embracing a federal form of state. We also had the opportunity to participate in a conference at the Committee of the Regions, where the Signing Ceremony of the Youth Treaty took place. 25 years after the Maastricht Treaty, young people from all over Europe gathered to give new impulse to the development of fair policies for all member states.

It has surely been a great Session for all of us. As always, everyone experienced the pleasure of being committed together in giving birth to new ideas and proposals. New friends were made, and this group of delegates will surely be a fundamental resource in planning and organising MEP activities throughout our local committees in Italy.

Renato Raffaele Amoroso, Vice-president MEP Italia

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