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Welcome to EUROMED – Naples 2017

Delegates, Committee Presidents, Presidents, Directors, Teachers, 

MEP Italia Staff is happy to welcome you to the first EURO-MED Session!

Our group is made of MEP alumni, university and high school students from Campania region, southern Italy, and we are all highly motivated and ready to give our contribution, regardless of our role.

MEP Italia and MEP Europe networks have given their support to the organization of the Session and it is thanks to the cooperation of teachers and members of these associations that we have been given the possibility to tighten relationships with representatives of every country participating in this event.

Throughout the course of the incoming conference in Naples we will try to give you a real taste of the breathtaking landscape, historical monuments and buildings and unparalleled food that have made us famous all over the world – and you will definitely enjoy it!

Even though the EURO-MED Session involves the participation of a limited number of countries – if compared to MEP International Sessions – we firmly believe that it is very important for Mediterranean Countries to have the opportunity of discussing and proposing solutions which are of the utmost interest for our areas. Indeed there are so many things that our regions have in common and we all share the same History and Culture.

Furthermore, our countries have always been the geopolitical heart of several central issues that affect the entire European community, immigration and, consequently, racial integration being certainly the first and most important ones.

The topics of this EURO-MED Session will give us the chance to deal with themes that we don’t usually know enough and this will enable us to increase our awareness of the world and to experience a true process of personal growth.

We are sure that you will live this experience as an opportunity to consolidate your ideas and beliefs by contributing personally to the debate in your committees!

We are very excited to meet you and to share this experience with you. We will do our best to make your experience unforgettable!

MEP Italia – MEP Campania

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