International Sessions

For the best delegates of each National Session the experience as M.E.P. delegates does not end: they have the amazing experience of the International Session, which takes place twice a year, every time in a different European city. They meet with other M.E.P. delegates coming not only from the Member States of the EU, but also form the “Candidate Countries” (Turkey, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia) and the “Potential Candidate Countries” (Albania, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Kosovo).

An International Session is very similar to the National Session delegates have already experienced, with just two differences: delegates have to use English to debate and to write the Resolution Booklet; the preparation level of the delegates is even higher, having they been selected with great accuracy.

Although only a limited number of delegates takes part in an International Session, the extension of the M.E.P. net in Europe makes it possible for thousands of students to get involved in this project in at least one Session.


In 1997 the International Session was organised in Carpi, Modena, and Bologna (Oct 18th-26th). It was honoured with the Alto Patronato (High Patronage) of the President of the Italian Republic, and the President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro himself received at Quirinale the delegations of the young European students and the Members of the M.E.P. Italia Association.

In 2007 Roma was chosen as the hosting-city for the International Session, which lasted from Nov 24th to Dec 1st.

The last International Session taking place in Italy was organised in Napoli (Mar 21st-28th, 2015) and received the High Patronage of the European Parliament.


2019 Spring Session: Parigi/Strasburgo – France

2018 Autumn Session: Madrid/Toledo – Spain

2018 Spring Session: Tallinn – Estonia

2017 Autumn Session: Helsinki – Finland

2017 Spring Session: Arnhem/Maastricht – The Netherlands

2016 Autumn: Copenhagen – Denmark

2016 Spring Session: Budapest – Hungary

2015 Autumn: Berlin – Germany

2015 Spring Session: Naples – Italy

2014 Autumn Session: Luxembourg – Luxembourg

2014 Spring Session: Vienna – Austria

2013 Autumn Session: Vilnius – Lithuania

2013 Spring Session: Norwich – United Kingdom

2012 Autumn Session: Madrid – Spain

2012 Spring Session: Ljutomer / Ljubljana – Slovenia

2011 Autumn Session: Skopje – FYROM

2011 Spring Session: Tallin – Estonia

2010 Autumn Session: Istanbul – Turkey

2010 Spring Session: The Hague – The Netherlands

2009 Autumn Session: Bonn – Germany

2009 Spring Session: Nicosia – Cyprus

2008 Autumn Session: Bratislava – Slovak Republic

2008 Spring Session: Stockholm – Sweden

2007 Autumn Session: Rome – Italy

2007 Spring Session: Sofia – Bulgaria

2006 Autumn Session: Ljutomer/Ljubljana – Slovenia

2006 Spring Session: Vilnius – Lithuania

2005 Autumn Session: Madrid – Spain

2005 Spring Session: The Hague – The Netherlands

2004 Autumn Session: Budapest – Hungary

2004 Spring Session: Warsaw – Poland & Luxembourg – Luxembourg

2003 Autumn Session: Athens – Greece

2003 Spring Session: Helsinki – Finland

2002 Autumn Session: Dublin – Ireland

2002 Spring Session: Ljubljana – Slovenia

2001 Autumn Session: Rotterdam – The Netherlands

2001 Spring Session: Copenhagen – Denmark

2000 Autumn Session: Vienna – Austria

2000 Spring Session: Lisbon – Portugal

1999 Autumn Session: Luxembourg – Luxembourg

1998 Autumn Session: Madrid – Spain

1998 Spring Session: Stockholm – Sweden

1997 Autumn Session: Carpi/Bologna – Italy

1997 Spring Session: Stowe/Oxford – United Kingdom

1996 Autumn Session: Dublin – Ireland

1996 Spring Session: Paris – France

1995 Spring Session: The Hague – The Netherlands

1994 Spring Session: The Hague/Maastricht – The Netherlands