iMEP Paris/Strasbourg 2019

Coordinators: Teachers Anna Teresa Collina and Roberta Lasagni; Vittorio Cama, Vicepresident of M.E.P. Italia

Committee President: Chiara Zanoli (Liceo Scientifico Statale “Manfredo Fanti”).

Delegates: Luca Ballabeni (Liceo Scientifico Statale “Manfredo Fanti”), Lorenzo Calandra (Liceo Scientifico Statale “Alessandro Tassoni”), Alberto Coppa (Liceo Classico Linguistico “L. A. Muratori – San Carlo”), Margherita Mango (Liceo Classico Linguistico “L. A. Muratori – San Carlo”), Andrea Turci (Liceo Scientifico Statale “Alessandro Tassoni”).

The 50th International Session started with the Opening Ceremony taking place in the Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris) town hall. Mr. Jean-Cristophe Fromantin (Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine), Ms. Colette Jamin (Former Coordinator of MEP France), and Ms. Veronique Philouze (Headmaster of the Saint Marie High School) gave their opening speeches.

The Committees the Italian delegates were assigned to were: ECON, EMPL I, AFCO, ENVI, and CULT, and Chiara Zanoli, the Italian Committee President, chaired over the ENVI Committee Meetings.

Among with the various meetings made with different important authorities, the Italian delegation had the honours to be welcomed by the Italian Embassy in France. The students met the Ministro Plenipotenziario (Plenipotential Minister) Stefania Rosini the Primo Consigliere (First Councilor) Ugo Ciarlatani, with whom they discussed and shared opinions about the EU and Diplomacy in general.

Before going to Strasbourg, all the participants joined the fishbowl discussion “Youth Up Europe”,  with Mr. Jean Cristophe Fromantin (Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine), Ms. Lena Morozova-Friha (Executive Director of EuropaNova), Mr. Jérôme Vignon (Honorary General Director of the European Commission), Mr. Sébastien Maillard (Director of the Jacques Delors Institute), and Mr. Bruno Amadei (Sephora CFO Europe & Middle East).

Once in Strasbourg the lobbying started: during this part of the Session delegates studied the Resolution Booklet and prepared their speeches and amendments for the upcoming General Assembly.

Durante l’Assemblea Plenaria, forse il momento più importante della Sessione, studenti provenienti da più di 30 Stati europei e non si sono visti protagonisti nel cuore dell’Europa, al Parlamento Europeo di Strasburgo. I partecipanti hanno inoltre avuto l’onore di assistere agli interventi di: Mr. Rainer Wieland, (Vicepresidente del Parlamento Europeo), Ms. Anne Brasseur (ex Presidente dell’Assemblea parlamentare del Consiglio d’Europa) e Ms. Melanie Koeller (Consulente Politico per il partito S&D).

The GA saw students coming from more than 30 different Countries as protagonists in the Strasbourg European Parliament hall. Furthermore, many important guests were invited and gave their speeches: Mr. Rainer Wieland, (Vicepresident of the European Parliament), Ms. Anne Brasseur (Former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council), and Ms. Melanie Koeller (S&D Party Political Councilor).

Some pictures of the Italian delegates during the GA:

The Paris-Strasbourg Session ended in Kehl, with a Gala to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MEP Europe. Some MEP Alumni were invited and shared with the delegates opinions and memories regarding the M.E.P. Teachers Cristiana Casarini and Anna Maria Cirillo – pillars of the M.E.P. in Italy and in Europe – took part in the event.

Junge Ideen für Europa: In Brüssel haben sich 200 junge Menschen aus ganz Europa als EU-Abgeordnete versucht. Wie stellen sie sich die Zukunft Europas vor? Das ZIB Magazin berichtet:

Pubblicato da Zeit im Bild su Giovedì 21 febbraio 2019