National Sessions

Once a year the M.E.P. Italia Association organises a National Session of the Model European Parliament, choosing each year a different hosting-city. It lasts usually a week, and it is an outstanding event, in which more than 20 schools are involved, being represented each by its delegation. Every delegation is composed of five or six students selected by their schools basing on the ability and competence demonstrated during the School Sessions and the City/Regional Sessions.

Delegates have the chance to work and cooperate exactly as the Members of the European Parliament do: subdivided in committees – which correspond to the actual European Parliament Committees – they discuss on problems concerning, for example, constitutional issues, the environment and pollution, public sanity, gender equality, technology, agriculture, and so on. After an initial activity called Team Building, during which the different members of the same committee get to know each other, the Committee Work begins: delegates debate on the topic assigned to them, in order to write a final Resolution. The second part of the session sees all the delegates taking part in the General Assembly – which corresponds to a European Parliament Plenary Assembly. During the G.A. all the resolutions written by all of the Committees are discussed and voted.

The students involved have a strong consciousness and knowledge regarding the themes they have to discuss about, achieved thanks to the experience of all their previous sessions. They also know that it is their duty to respect all the rules established for the Strasbourg Assembly.

All these activities are coordinated and directed by students, in their role of Chairs (Committee Presidents) and Assembly Presidents, who as delegates were noted for their ability and dedication. They cooperate with and are helped by the teachers of the Schools involved in the project and the members of the M.E.P. Italia Association.


XXVI National Session Napoli 2019

XXV National Session Bassano 2018

XXIV National Session Prato 2017

XXIII National Session Assisi 2016

XXII National Session Carpi-Modena 2015

XXI National Session Ferrara 2014

XX National Session Napoli 2013

XIX National Session Roma 2012

XVIII National Session Prato 2011

XVII National Session Sorrento 2010

XVI National Session Rimini 2009

XV National Session 2008

XIV National Session Napoli 2007

XIII National Session Bagheria-Palermo 2006

XII National Session Salsomaggiore 2005

XI National Session Montesilvano 2004

X National Session Ferrara 2002

IX National Session Napoli 2002

VIII National Session Modena 2001

VII National Session Bassano del Grappa 2001

VI National Session Roma 2000

V National Session Bologna 2000

IV National Session Napoli 1999

III National Session Modena 1998

II National Session Ferrara 1997

I National Session Carpi 1996